Would like to revert to last auto-saved version

Sketchup models frequently save, but there is no option to revert to the last saved version.

I was working on a SketchUp model when it became corrupted (objects hidden behind walls became visible as dashed items). I lost a good deal of work. It would have been great if I could revert to the last saved version.


Mike Cohen

hello… hum, have you tried file > revert ?

Edit : oh sorry, I did not see you were using sketchup free.

Is this a request for SketchUp Free (web based)? If so I can move it to the that forum category.

Did you turn on Hidden Geometry or Back Edges? The default shortcut for Back Edges is K. It isnot corruption, just a display setting.


this is for sketchup free (web based)

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As Anssi said, having back edges displayed is not an indication of a corrupted file. Just turn them off.

I just realized there is no Feature Request category for SketchUp Free so maybe it wouldn’t make much sense to move this. however, next time you can write in your post what version you refer to.

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