Would like to re-install 2017Pro from window to iMac

can’t install in iMac, anyone know what can i do

You can not install Windows version of Sketchup on MacOS. You need a OS specific installer.

However, most likely SU 2017 is not fully compatible with your M1 architecture, perhaps will run with Rosetta, but I have no Mac… so someone else can confirm.

Anyway whoever will try to help - need more information than “can’t install in iMac”.
What were you trying to do? What result you got? Screenshot? Messages?
Details of your hardver, OS version…etc.

I know it is a question of money, but you’d be better off getting a subscription for the current version. There have been a lot of changes and improvements since 2017, including a version that runs natively on M1.


Unless you have already installed on more than one machine, the license will not be an issue. The same one is used on both OS. Licenses are version-specific, though. For example, a 2019 license will not work with 2017.

You will have to find a copy of the Mac installer for 2017, which is no longer available from Trimble itself. The Windows installer will not work on Mac. One archive is at Download-Center – SketchUp Pro

I don’t have an M1 Mac to try it on, but it’s possible 2017 will run under Rosetta on M1. However, I have found 2017 to be somewhat unreliable under recent versions of macOS on my Intel MBP . It usually runs for a while but eventually crashes. Since it is beyond support expiration, you can be sure there will be no further bug fixes for 2017.

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actually i have got the mac versions and installed, but when i’m input the serial no and authorization code will shown below:-
That didn’t look like valid licensing info…
check your license info and try entering it again?
so i dont know what’s problem

Obviously you have a problem with the serial no you entered.
You can try to lockup here:
License Manager | SketchUp

Or follow the link [Help me find my serial number] there.

Alternatively perhaps @colin might be able to help you.