Workspace... Pallets all over the place can I stack them?

If there is one thing I would like to do with SU make is to somehow keep the pallets docked neatly or stacked or even have option to hide quickly with keyboard shortcut.

I have materials, scenes, layers, info, fog pallets all over the place and cant find a way of keeping them simply organised anywhere in the work space. Is there something I am missing?

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your profile information, that would make answering your query easier…

it is different for different OS’s [windows. mac] and it differs for SU versions…

so, fill in your profile so others can try to help…



Updated !

On the Mac those utility panels can be docked together. Then click on their title bars to open or collapse them as needed. When I use SketchUp on my MacBook Pro, I set up the main drawing window so it is a bit narrower than the screen and place the stack of utility panels over on the right side so they aren’t covering the drawing space. It looks very much the way SketchUp looks on the PC with the tray on the right.

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I personally just collapse all of mine along the top bar. Typically, I only need Layers and Entity Info open all the time while the others just expand as needed. I like this as it frees up that whole right side for extra screen space since it’s a premium when on laptop.

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Eric that’s an interesting way to use the windows. Thanks! I usually have them here and there and some are stacked, some open, some collapsed. I often change monitor setups so while I may have them on second screen, next time they’ll be somewhere else…> Sort of a mess like my physical desktop.

The multiple screen thing totally messes up placement of these palettes. I’m on a Mac and have used SketchUp for years with multiple screens. No matter how meticulous I stack and keep them organized, the moment I disconnect and reconnect the external display, they get disorganized again. There’s no way around it and has been no change whatsoever to address it.

Sure you can stack your pallets.

ooops maybe I am thinking about the wrong type of pallet.