Moving from Windows to iMac

I am tired of the problems I am having with my Windows machine. I am moving Sketchup to my iMac. Can anyone tell me how to get my items like Model Info, Materials, Components, Styles, etc. to move into a nice stack on the right side of the display like it appears on my Windows machine?

The mac interface works a little differently. The pallets will dock with each-other, move one pallet by the header bar to the bottom of another open pallet and it will bind there, more can be added to the bottom. To separate or reorder them grab the headers and move them around. The pallets can be resized using the bottom right corner. Each pallet can be expanded or collapsed while in the dock by double clicking on it’s header.

The Mac materials browser looks and works a little differently. It opens automatically when you choose the paint tool and is free floating, you can leave it open or close it, it will reappear whenever you need it, it can also be resized by the bottom right corner. Model info opens in it’s own un-sizable un-docakable window.

Thank you

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