Working in large Hotel Revit model from Architect, want to divide it up into smaller chunks so easier to work in Sketchup

Hi team,

I’m looking for some technical assistance and suggestions. I’m working on a large hotel project, and I have been supplied with the Revit models by the architect. I can bring these into sketchup with no problem, and it’s not that bad to navigate around considering the size of the structure. The file size is under 100MB. It is however not the cleanest or best structured model, and once I’m inside the building trying to do updates to hotel rooms etc, things do become slower and slower (interestingly). I will be using Enscape to do my rendering as well. So I was thinking that I would look to isolate only the floor that I am working on (level 7 of 35). In the hope that I can work in the details in an even lighter model. I have just tried to use the Zorro Plugin, but the model has been unresponsive for 35mins. Does anyone have any suggestions, baring in mind the architects model isn’t the cleaned or well organised for editing.
Much appreacited, unfortunately I can’t share the model for NDA reason :frowning:

Kind of depends on how the different models are intertwined, what you need to be doing etc.

What method of import is also determining the organization of the result in SketchUp.

The Revit importer maps families to components and adds section planes which might be used with Zorro I never used it)

There is a neat way of importing different Revit models in the Trimble Connect for Desktop app, add two or more clipping planes and export the result in trimbim format, which can be imported in SketchUp.

Revit organizes the model for you (walls will always be walls, the floor will be floors, etc). That organization will translate to SketchUp tags. I would recommend creating scenes with certain tags off, or just deleting anything you do not need for your scope.
Turn off any heavy tags like furniture and lighting. I would also recommend using a fast style for working.
You can also turn off the “save camera location” in scenes so you can quickly go from working to presentation scenes without the view changing.

Thanks teams, appreciate the tips, I will give the Revit model in Trimble connect a try as that sound like could be a useful way of trimming the content. Will also look at hiding the tags and see where that gets me.
Will report back if I have any updates, thanks for taking the time