Sketchup for large projects?

Hi folks,

I’m a relatively new Sketchup user. I got it for creating models for other acoustics modeling programs since it is so much easier than modeling rooms directly in those applications. I am an AV consultant designing audio and video systems for large projects such as resort hotels, casinos, performing arts venues, stadiums and arenas, etc., so I work in the design team under the architect along with interiors, MEP, etc.

It seems most of the posts I see are architects doing residential projects. Just wondering if there are any users using Sketchup for large projects and if the collaboration and exchange with the rest of the design team, normally working Revit and AutoCAD, is working well. If so, have you found any extensions that help facilitate working in these types of projects and exchanges with the team.


Jerrold Stevens

I work on large projects in the entertainment industry, collaborate with set builders, producers and art directors, however I deal more with Vectorworks than Revit. Converting and working with Vectorworks models is a pain in the butt, there are a few tools I use to assist me, but no magic bullet, just hard work and years of experience.

I came from the hospitality industry doing landscape architecture in collaboration with the architecture team. We used a little bit of everything. And some of our models could get quite large and complex.

Re: your question about extensions, the short answer is yes there are some that can help…the longer answer is there are a lot and they are specific to certain tasks. There’s one that is a reference manager, like CAD, that can load and update external part of your models.

There’s also cleanup extensions that help purge and optimize models coming from other programs like Revit before inserting into SketchUp.

There are also tools for sending your files back to Revit, etc without too much effort.

So if you have any more specific questions re: collaboration, file referencing, let us know as that will help narrow down and focus our answers. Cheers.

Thanks for the responses folks!