Workflow Books Comparison

Please share any opinions about the following SketchUp workflow books:
SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture
The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture
SketchUp for Builders

(Also, please share any recommendations for good books and/or tutorial videos about construction documents.)


You forgot the most important: your own
Pick the parts that work for you and start writing the chapters of your saga.

Each method is based on a high level of understanding how SketchUp works and its limitations.

A beginner does not necesary have those understandings yet and often, you do not even know what could be accomplished in SketchUp, either.

I only have one of those ‘SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture’
but would have to guess that they are all fundamentally similar because SU & LO require you to work a certain way and always has the same limitations.

But ‘SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture’ features Nick Sonder’s work method which has a very artistic output style

‘SketchUp for Builders’ is probably going to focus more on the technical side and feature the authors Estimating program and workflow.

Probably anyone who really wants to use SketchUp for their entire process will benefit from both.

The other is from 2013 so it could be a little dated although 99% is still the same and it can be found used at a great price so why not get all three.


One thing that I would add about ‘SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture’
Is that it includes a lot of resources that alone are worth the cost. SU and LO templates as well as a complete model and beautiful CD set from Nick and more resources on MasterSketchUp .com

But I think that it was done in version 16
and ‘SketchUp for Builders’ is up to version 18


I have been working for a construction company for a little over 2 years. When I was hired, reading SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture was part of my training. About a year ago, the company acquired a copy of The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture. Here recently, I purchased a Kindle version of SketchUp for Builders.

I am relatively new to the industry and SketchUp, so I don’t completely trust my own opinion concerning these books.

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