Learning please

Looking for suggestions for learning best methods for Architectural use of SketchUp and Layout. Books, websites, templates, tutorials…

Please no self-promotion; just other users sharing perspectives.

Been using SketchUp for years. Just trying to learn how to use it well for architecture. Have designed complete buildings (and robots) but certainly not to the point of generating construction documents.

I can find all the basic tutorials; looking specifically for complete Architectural modeling and documents.

It would help to know where you are starting from, from nothing, or a more advanced position? First step would be this:

Sorry; good point. See my update above.

I relied heavily on the Brightman book when I started using SU properly but the Sonder book is good too.

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I second Simon.

Brightman introduced me to the concept of nested groups…

Level A>Element 1>Condition New/Existing/Modified

Level A>Element 2>Condition New/Existing/Modified

and so on.

Sonder helped me to how best use SketchUp to Layout for documentation.

And this Forum!

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