Work In Progress, Working on putting together a weapons pack

Used QuadFace Tools and Vertex Tools by ThomThom. It’s been a while since I used SketchUp and feel like a total noob again. Still have a few minor adjustments to make. 1 of 8 weapons I am modeling. Has 834 faces which is ok but should bring it down a little.

there are a lot of non quads in your model, but if you plan to use Artisan for the smoothing, that should be Ok.

There was a post on SketchUcation where everyone shared their workspace. It was cool. I guess some people are just more able to utilize more tools this way. I just open some palettes as needed—but on the Mac that’s probably better, because our icons just don’t stack nicely like ths.

I have only the icons that I use depending on the project I am working on. No comment on the Double icons being used (personal), just that there is a method to how I do things.