Word for 'unpassable' as in 'solid', component properties



Is this a ‘dynamic component’ adjustment?
So far I’ve always made the component[s] and made them work in so many moves and rotations as I retrieve frame exports.

What I would like to do is restrict components according to a physical property assigned to them & other components - e.g. can only rotate about a point and stops at edge/face of neighbouring component.

I can only assume it’s a ‘dynamic component’ property as I cannot easily find it among menu items, not much luck on the forum either - synonyms for unpassable, solid, physical edge/face, restrict, conform, etc.


dynamic components are contained, to limiting and complex for your proposal, I would reccommend MSPhysics from the Extension Warehouse


Thanks for the recommendation - I will let you know how I get on, hopefully post a video :slight_smile:


One term you are looking for is “collision detection”. In SketchUp this is only built into the Walk tool.

But ALL components can be set to glue to the faces (not just dynamic components.) This makes them sort of snap to each other. (It is not exactly collision detection, though.)

@jim_foltz has an extension that creates “snap points” (which might help in some cases.)


I’ve found that setting in MSPhysics too - by far the best video I happened upon was for a Hydraulic Torque Wrench https://youtu.be/NLeGfJd8aQg - made by the author - hopefully it will get me started - the aim is to move a part and let everything connected by hinge or slider react accordingly while respecting static objects it cannot pass through.
It’s not a complete impasse, but the amount of adjustments I would need to make for one increment to capture the next frame from justifies getting and using an extension.

It’s just failed though - the UI dialogue no longer displays the whole contents and it cannot be adjusted to fit.


This issue would need it’s own topic thread in the Extensions category.



…the css file is edited to restore access, it’s possible to scale the UI dialogue and then be locked out of it.


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