WoodWop CNC

Hi this is probably the new thread looking forward to your comments on this plugin I am developing it for my project

SketchUp WoodWopCNC Dood Drawer - YouTube

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Video looks super. Does it work with otger dc that someone else created to suite his work?
Or it is necessary to use your cabinets? Also is it compatible with all versions of woodwop?

Thanks pupoksveta. it is being restricted to only work in the library bundled with the plugin, it is compatible with WoodWop versions 5,6,7,8

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Well i am wondering where to find the dc. I did not find any library with the plugin. :man_shrugging:

you follow the link

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Hi. Can you give another link for plugin, becouse this link dont work.

Salut. Pouvez-vous donner un autre lien pour le plugin, car ce lien ne fonctionne pas.
Merci beaucoup & Belle journée