Wood Threads Solid Component - But?

By scaling up the model 1000 times I was able to see and correct until I got a solid component. But now I am having problems zooming. I am not able to zoom in close enough to do anything. Do I shut down and restart?
Wood Threads.skp (88.1 KB)

You’ve got stuff scattered across the county and since it’s all quite small, you are running into clipping. For example: This is more than 13 miles from the origin.

Moving the components closer to the origin will help.

After I scaled up 1000 times and couldn’t find anything, I thought components had disappeared. I went to components and pulled that nut out but couldn’t see it anywhere. I thought it had failed to pull out of the components. This is really strange.

Scaling the component up as you had done did not change the size of the original component so when you brought the extra copies in they were still at the original size and just too small to see. Imagine trying to pick out a piece of 4x4 on the ground while you are in an airplane with a view spanning 15 or 20 miles in every direction.

Here I’ve moved the components to near the origin and fixed their scale for you.
Wood Threads fixed.skp (115.8 KB)

If you are going to do the scale up thing, Do it to copies of the component and once you’ve finished what you need to do at that size, exit component edit mode and delete the giant copies. Then use Zoom Extents to return to the original copies of the components.

With the size of these threads you should be able to manage without scaling up, though.

By the way, if you want to put internal threads in your nuts, you’ve drilled them oversize. see the one on the right. Edit the component and remove the hole by erasing the circles top and bottom. No need to drill a hole before tapping in SketchUp.

I first started zooming at a much smaller scale. I was able to fix the border hole and nested components that way but not the short edges. Then I read in an old forum comment about scaling up 1000 times to fix short edges. That allowed me to get to a solid component but led to other problems. Had I erased the scaled up copy before I started trying to find the other components, I would have avoided the other problems from what you are saying.

Thanks for all the help DaveR. This was definitely a learning experience. Now I know quite a bit more about the scaling tool among other things.

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That’s good. Just a note about using Scale and components. Part of a component’s definition is the size. If you scale the component you do not change the component’s definition. If you open the component for editing and scale the geometry inside, you will change the component’s definition. The idea of scaling the component up as in the Dave Method, leverages the fact that the size of the component’s definition does not get modified.

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Short edges can often just be ignored, they don’t actually stop something being a solid.

Right, usually I ignore short edges. This time I needed to use native trim tool and it had to show
up as a solid compontent first. It finally showed up solid after scaling up 1000 times but still showed a few short edges that I ignored.