Wood, Milling

Hello community,

I am an wood worker, I am doing furnitures . Now I would like to try to use sketch up for Pre-Modelling furnitures. Therefore my question:

Cause I am working a lot with milling machine with different types of millers (shape etc.), I would like to ask If Its possible to create something like -Miller Templates- Which I can easy use to mill a e.g. extrusion part. The Miller-Templates/shapes- I can draw by myself(easy copy from real miller).

As an example: I create a simple board, then I would like to try to use different -Millers/Milling shapes- to see how it looks like.

Is something like this in a easy way possible?


Best regards

Short answer, Yes.

Longer answer:
Draw your cutter profiles in SU. Save them as components or in a component collection.

When you want to see how they would look, create a rectangular board, or a shaped board if it isn’t rectangular.

Drag a copy of the cutter from the Component Browser to the middle of an edge of the board, explode it into the same context as the board. Select the board face, or only some edges of it, and use FollowMe to profile the edge(s).

Or consider paying for the plugin Profile Builder, which makes aspects easier and quicker. Depends on whether you value your time or your money more highly, if you are doing paid work with Sketchup.