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Hi, I’m a millworker/cabinet maker and wish to up my game in regards to drawings. I’ve been using SU for years in a basic way, drawing my projects but am seeking some schooling on producing professional drawings with proper boarders and elevations. Is there an instruction course anyone can recommend? Thanks so much

You can check the sketchup campus website, they have free good courses, for drawings I recommend you to learn Layout if you don’t use it already, I’m an architect and sketchup with layout are my main tool in my job, the sketchup campus have very good courses made by sketchup team members and official trainers that will help you to learn the proper workflow from sketchup to layout.

You will need to blaze your own trail on this subject. There are no “industry standards” for drawing formats of millwork and casework. I searched for a long time, found nothing of substance.

Search Google for “millwork shop drawings pdf” and look at images category. There you will find many samples of drawings prepared by a variety of companies. Select a format that appeals to you. You then utilize Layout to develop a title block and a format that suits your needs. Save the file as a Template and you are in business.

There are a wide variety of saved symbols and ideas in Layout Scrapbooks Panel. As you develop your own drawing style, the pieces can be saved in your own Layout Scrapbooks pages. The Layout feature is a wonderful tool for quickly preparing drawings as you need. I have developed what works for me and my suppliers. Over time the process becomes exactly what you need and want it to be.

Sounds simple and straightforward but the process involves time and effort. Quite a lot of both over a period of time. As you begin to actually produce drawings your process will evolve.

Here is a link to a good series of articles on the subject:

Two books I found helpful
SketchUp to LayOut 2nd edition
by Matt Donley

Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro 2020:
by Mr. Paul James Lee

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Thanks Lynne,

CabMaker is now at major version 8 (8.0.190) and getting ready for 9
There have been 102 updates since 2.0.72

If people wish to have a 1 on 1 Demo over Skype then PM me and we can set it up.

Hi rkleins, SO true! I felt like I was going crazy trying to find the right format/industry standard of correct and professional drawings.
Thanks so much! You’re response was very helpful,Darren

Thanks so much Francis!!