Wood joinery; updating scenes

I created an exploded view of a joint and created Scene 1. I then assembled it, changed the view, created Scene 2 and updated it. But, when I return to Scene 1, it does not show the exploded view. The exploded view shows in the thumbnail. What am I doing wrong. Mac Mojave.

You need to have two copies of the components to create two different scenes. If you move or otherwise change the components in one scene, any other scene looking at those components will show the same thing.

Where’ve you been, anyway? :smiley:

Here’s an example from a project I did awhile back.

Two copies of the model. One assembled and one exploded.

One scene shows the assembled copy:

And another scene shows the exploded view.

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Hi Dave- I think I went down this road several years ago; that’s my problem: sometimes I’m 10-15 hours a week on SU, and then I’ll go a month without. I’ve got to go buy some wood now. Let me chew on what you said when I return. As always, thanks.

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