Creating two scenes from two views

I’m trying to create two scenes from two different views, an open and closed woodworking joint. I’ve spent a couple of hours reviewing this topic on the forums but obviously I’m still not getting it. I’ve tried to create Scene 1, by showing the joint open; Scene 2 is the joint closed. The thumbnail of Scene 1 shows the open joint, but clicking on Scene 1 shows it closed.

I can make a copy of the open joint, moving it off to the side and closing it, create two different scenes which works, but the animation keeps it from being clean.

Isn’t there a simple way of creating the two scenes and quickly going from one to the other?
Bridle Joint.skp (38.7 KB)

Craig, you need to use layers along with the scenes. See the attached.
Bridle Joint.skp (31.8 KB)


Is this what you mean? I moved the parts so that they are in the same position in the view. I made two scenes and two layers. I assigned the “closed” layer to the two component copies in the closed configuration and the “open” layer to the two component copies in the open configuration (note: since one of the parts doesn’t move in my version, it isn’t really necessary to have two copies). Then I hid the open layer on the closed scene and updated the scene. Finally, I hid the closed layer on the open scene and updated the scene.

Dave beat me to it while I was typing, but I bet our results are pretty much the same!

Bridle Joint.skp (31.6 KB)


You could also do it this way.
Bridle Joint.skp (33.9 KB)

Thanks guys. Even with your help it took me awhile to figure it out; having to do with layers are about ‘visibility’ and not structural, and making copies, hiding one or the other, not hiding the layer.

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