Wishlist Sketchup 2024

  • I wish you could make calculations while you input dimensions etc. (ex; length: =1000mm-18mm)

  • I wish they add SVG import. Now I’m able to do it with a plugin, but this should be standard. It works so good in combination with for example Affinity Designer (Afinity 2.4. has now DWG export!)

*** I wish they placed material names below the material color icon (my goodness);**

  • I wish they placed component names below the component icons

  • I wish they would upgrade the dimensioning tools with more options (edit leaders, angular dim. etc);

  • I wish the standard scale tool can actually scale(!) (like Fredo);

  • I wish the isolate(!) tool becomes standard;

  • I wish for snapping to midpoints of faces;

  • I wish SU is snappy again!

  • I wish, wish, wish for section-cut materials (added in the material section as second material) and texture-size saved for each scene**(!)** (how simple is this);

  • I wish moving color sliders and dragging layers in Lay Out will go smoother;

  • I wish single line text (like Curic’s plugin) was standard in SU.

(ps: AI is great but finish SU & LAYOUT(!!!) first!)


I wish SketchUp would enable multiple active section cuts at once without grouping them!

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