Wireframe without hidden lines?


(SU Make 2016) I have a drawing which I would like to view in black and white only. No grey-scale, no background color and no hidden lines.

Monochrome is grey-scale, not b/w.

Wireframe provides a b/w drawing but all the hidden lines are (of course) visible. Also there is a blue/green/grey background (which can be made white using the Fog function).

Hidden lines provides a blue/green/grey drawing with all edges black. Using the Fog function the blue/green/grey background becomes white however the drawing is still blue/green/grey.

Am I missing a simple solution? I have a drawing which I would like to use to support the claims in a patent application (only b/w is allowed). I assume many other users must have had the same needs.


Use Hidden Line but edit the Background in Styles to be all white. You’ll get black edges on a white background like this:


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Many Thanks!!