Windows Phone version of viewer

Will there be a Windows Phone version of the mobile viewer. I use a Nokia Lumia 735 running Windows 8.1.


Sorry to say there are no plans at this time to develop a SketchUp Mobile Viewer for Windows mobile devices. However, I’ve gone ahead and filed this as a feature request for future consideration.

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As a Nokia 930 user, I’m pretty keen to see this happen too. Lets hope it’s considered a good idea in the not too distant future. Along with the upcoming Windows10 update (currently using 8.1) would be really good. :smile: And thanks for the heads up Mike.


Thanks for you replies.
I do not envisage operating SketchUp up on my phone but I would love to be able to open a drawing and perhaps even rotate it to show others whilst mobile.

Any thoughts not ignoring the increasing Windows Phone (@MikeTadros: Not Windows Mobile, they’re completely different) community?

Also like to see a Windows Phone viewer (Windows 10).
Has anyone experience with the Afanche 3D Viewer for Windows Phone?

*Solid Edge Mobile Viewer

*CMS Mobile

Both above software are Windows Phone version of viewer. You can also find other software in windows play store.For more information and details refer to Nokia Lumia 735 Manual.

Considering that Windows Phone (10) has been moving to a unified windows platform – whether we like it or not – and Trimble’s experimentation with HoloLens and that the mobile viewers are largely based on the platform-independent emscripten, this might not be totally impossible. It is up to Trimble to evaluate the question of demand, packaging effort and support effort.
On the other side, most UWP-capable systems (Windows desktops) also support the classic win32 version of SketchUp, so there is not that much surplus benefit.

@sketch3d_de, there is no reason for cynism, and this forum favors a positive atmosphere over negativism or pertinaciousness. If someone has a problem with “improving the discussion”, they do not have to get involved.

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