Windows 10 Locked SKP Files

We have migrated to Windows 10 and are now running into a new issue with SketchUp 2016. Users can work successfully with most SKP files, but randomly a SKP file will become completely locked by the file system. Not read-only, but actually locked. As in can’t view permissions, can’t delete the file, can’t write over it, can’t take ownership, etc. This applies to both users and domain administrators.

Not sure if they’re related, but there are a set of TMP files also remaining in the folder.

For files that are normal, the TMP files have the same permissions as the original SKP file. However for locked files, the TMP files are also locked.

In case it’s relevant, this file is saved to a NetApp NAS. As far as I can tell, this issue is limited exclusively to SketchUp. Other items in the same folder are not affected and have regular access permissions.

Searching for two things - how to restore access to the locked files and how to prevent this from happening in the future. Thanks in advance!

I would say it is very relevant.

The forums are peppered with threads of users having issues with network storage. What we usually say is use a local file in a local folder and then sync it (when needed) with the network folder.

Windows used to have a “special” folder called Briefcase for this normally used on portables.

Anyway, not sure if it is a timeout issue or what, but users of Dropbox (and other web storage products) have also had issues like this with SketchUp.

That said, do you have any users on Windows 7 or 8 that show the same issues?
(Wondering if this is another Win10 problem.)

Are all the appropriate protocols installed on the client machines ? (ie, NFS, SMB, CIFS, etc.)

Does accessing NetApp AutoSupport help in any way ?

There is also a NetApp forum here:

There are several threads by users having your same issue:

(In the thread “AD” is referring to Active Directory.)