Will the OUTLINER ever be fixed? Please fix it, it is very important!

The outliner slows down performance like crazy, and whenever you have a complex model, triple click no longer selects adjacent contents, please fix the outliner, please!!

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Usually I put everything on layers and turn off all except what I am working on. With the layers turned off the geometry on them is not listed in outliner hence no slow down.


The outliner does create some serious performance issues when using my plugins due to the labeling of various groups (for estimating purposes). I usually encourage users to turn off the outliner while using the (Medeek) plugins.

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I almost never open the outliner. And if I do I make sure I only have a small subset of the model visible.

The Outliner is a brilliant feature to keep large models organized. I use it all the time. Layers are only of secondary use to me. Its too bad they never fixed this problem.
Why does ‘model.start_operation’ just not totally freeze / ignore updating of the outliner? That way, plugin developers would have a way to prevent this issue.


A better strategy is (on Windows,) …

  1. Create a custom tray just for the Outliner. (I named mine TREE but use what ever you prefer.)
  2. Then check just the Outliner to appear in this new tray.
  3. Grab the new tray by it’s bottom tab (if it got docked on the right within the Default tray,) or caption bar, and drag it over to the left side and dock it there.
  4. Then adjust the Outliner’s bottom frame so it is full height within the tray, but the scroll bar doesn’t show. (You might need to jiggle the bottom frame up and down a smidgin’ until the scroll bar disappears.) Don’t worry the scroll bar will reappear as needed when a lot of component trees are in the model.
  5. Lastly, click the little pushpin button at the top right on the caption bar of the tray to autohide it. The tray slides into the left margin leaving only a margin tab.

From then on, whenever you need to use it, just hover over this margin tab (or click it if you like) and the Outliner will slide out into view. Use it for whatever you need for however long it takes, … then when you move the cursor outside the tray, it’ll slide back out of view into the margin automatically.

Note: You can adjust the width of the Outliner’s tray at any time “on the fly”, by grabbing it’s right broder and dragging (whenever the tray is visible.)

P.S. - I also have the Instructor panel in a autohidden HELP tray on the left margin as well. In this way, neither of them can interfere with what is displayed in the docked tray(s) on the right side of the application window. (Really good if my PROPERTIES tray with the Entity Info is “on top” on the right, and I need to click on various objects in the Outliner and see their properties in the Entity Info panel. Another strategy might be to dock the Entity Info in the same tray as and just above the Outliner.)


There is a 2nd parameter that is supposed to disable UI updates. Devs have used it since it was added in SU 7.

I’d like it if the Outliner background was set to pastel yellow when it’s updating was paused so the user would know that the information was out of date.

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Thank you for your advice, I will give it a try and see if it fixes the problem :slight_smile:

That is a good idea but the you cannot select specific object through layers, for example if I wanted to make a certain section plan active but the grip is hidden or outside the scene, using the outliner is the only way to select the section plan.

I use the second ‘true’ parameter in my plugins (and I guess most devs do).

Too bad there are still a few plugins that don’t / can’t use this flag so its still ‘#^@*^#’ when I forget to close the Outliner just after starting a plugin.

Thanks for the suggestion to dock the trays. The last time I did that (a few years ago) docking/undocking would ‘move’ your view as well so I never used that. Will try if that makes a difference the next weeks.


When an autohidden tray slides out into view, in slides over the view and does not displace the view. Simply move the cursor out of tray and away it goes revealing the whole view again.

EDIT (Add): The docking during the tray setup is only temporary. Once the tray is autohidden, the underlying view will return to it’s previous state.

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Dans solution is a beauty! It is easy to criticize Outliner, yet the truth is, it is doing a lot, the question is: do you need everything all the time? For me the answer is no, sure it’s easier not to have to close it but it creates headaches when you leave it open. I find if you have an organized model, you do not need Outliner at all, even with detailed models. I have detailed, organized models over 400meg and I never use it and can get what I need and where I need to in seconds.


Hmmm - other 3d-software is able to handle long list of parts in a ‘outline’-list without performance degradation…
Just my opinion- because ii like sketchup with all the ‘glitches’, because its like thinking and drawing in 3d in a easy way.

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I made a keyboard shortcut to show the docked tray from the side. There’s a slight delay before the tray slide in. One last question, any way to customize the fly-out time? Also the same for the time before it hides again?

Wow that model is so impressive!! I would like to learn how to organized the model, have you though about sharing your approach?

Nothing I know of has been added specifically to the SketchUp Preferences.
This is a Microsoft framework (MFC) so perhaps there is some registry tweak ?

Thanks Septembertiger168 I use a Plugin we made called PlusSpec that organizes a model into groups, components layers and Levels automatically, this enables a user to concentrate on design or drafting not on model organization. I never use outliner when using teh plugin yet the model is so organised that you do not need to.


Thank you! will definitely check PlusSpec out!