Will sketchup run on this Samsung laptop?

Will the sketchup application work successfully on a Samsung galaxy book s using a snapdragon cpu? Here is the laptop I am considering getting Samsung Galaxy Book S review | TechRadar

Really appreciate the help

I guess because Snapdragon using Adreno graphics, which doesn’t support OpenGL, SketchUp Pro or Make (desktop) won’t run natively.
However, there is a very good chance you can run SketchUp for Web in your browser.

Your version of SketchUp - you indicated in your profile - will not run at all, because it does not exist.

Appreciate the response. I am actually not the one who is going to be using Sketchup, my dad is. And I have this Samsung laptop I was going to give him to use for it. So I didn’t have all the details for creating my profile.

Again thanks for the response and the info. you are right that it won’t work unless the browser version is being used.