Will pay for profile builder help

I just built the model using the components found in the 3D warehouse to see if they could be cut with one of the extensions I have. I’m surprised that the manufacturer or another manufacturer has not developed a better set of components for ICF walls. I am seeing more building constructed with these systems. I did get a note from Medeek that he has incorporated them into his wall tools so that might be the answer.

You would have to ask that to the original poster of the question. Perhaps he needs exact counts of these materials for his projects. I was just trying to help by using components found in the warehouse. I do see these systems being used more frequently so either a simple component or calculator is all that is needed.

This looks like the exact process to use but the only difference is there is no spaces between the ICF they all abut each other. I might attemp to create an ICF version of this if I have time today. I think one would need full, half, right corners and left corners and maybe t intersections since those are the components this vendor offers.
Amvic+R22+ICF±+8in+Blocks.skp (476.6 KB)

It’s not accurate, unfortunately. And the arrangement of blocks in the corners has little to do with the principles of bricklaying. As you can see in my post above, I used a similar method and it only uses three elements: corner, straight, and end. No need for right and left - one is enough. as it really is

Again just using the components that came from the manufacturer. This is not for me address the original poster Profile - timbcarter55 - SketchUp Community. I was just trying to help not engage in a debate about how to perform proper bricklaying. These are really just Lego pieces.

I just found the manufactures Revit Families and am going to take a look at them. At first glace it looks like the exact same sizes at the SketchUp components.