Looking for someone to make a rebar extension


looking for someone to make a extension for putting rebar (the skeleton of concrete) in concrete quickly



Why reinvent the wheel? Profile Builder 2 should do the trick.


Yes I understand that there are thing that can do small things in 3D but I’m thinking something like “rebar cad” something to help the person who has to fab all of these bars on a big scale like a high rise


I’m guessing that I have to learn to use autocad so I could use rebarcad but I was hoping to get a extension like rebarcad is to auto-cad with sketch up


If that make sence


There must be someone who can turn rebarcad into rebarsketchup


Yes I do agree it is reinventing the wheel but with the drawing program I Iove to use


Asarebar is another detailing program


So you followed Daves suggestion (many posts back) and Profile Builder 2 don’t do what you want?


i guess i just need to learn how to use it, i wonder if there are any videos were this is been use for rebar as of right now i have 30 days before i have to pay for the extension, so i better hurry up and learn how to use it. I’m using sketch up at a very amateur level so everything takes more time for me to get the hang of. Sorry about all the posts i was just trying to make sure i made sense in what i was saying.


this is how i want the pro builder to finish the elevator wall when I’m done but i can’t wrap my head around how too go about it in profile builder 2 if anyone has any idea on how to go about it would be greatly appreciated i would like just to be able type horizontal spacing and vertical spacing with the sizes of bars but thats all in a perfect world i guess


After all the searching and trying to use profile builder i have come to think the this should be done in dynamic components.