Will AMD Ryzen 5950x Improve Speed with 3D Plants?

Hi. I’m debating purchasing a desktop with an AMD Ryzen 5950x processor. I am a landscape architect, so I make a lot of models/renders with 3D plants. I’d be upgrading from an Intel i7 four core processor. The model is pretty slow after just a handful of 3d plants are input typically. Wondering if anyone has advice if this is a good move or won’t change it that much because 3D plants in general are problematic no matter the processor?

More or less true, and the limitation is as much or more the processor single thread speed as the GPU. Try using 2D FaceMe components instead where possible, or create your own by screen capture from 3D models.

Turn off Profile edges to reduce the rendering load, at least while modelling.

Check any imported 3D plants from 3D Warehouse and find ones with the lowest edge and polygon count that still look good enough.

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