Wide Angle Viewing


How can I get a wide angle picture/ perspective of an interior space in my model?


Select the Zoom tool from the toolbar or Camera menu and type the desired angle of view or focal length. For focal length add mm to the number.


Hi folks.

Alternatively, after choosing the Zoom Tool, you can press and hold the SHIFT key and, while maintaining the SHIFT key down, move the mouse up or down to adjust the angle of view interactively.

Moving the mouse up on your table (away from you) will go toward narrow field of view (telephoto lens) and moving it down (toward you) will go toward wide field of view (wide angle lens).

This way of using the Zoom Tool starts by default in degrees after starting SketchUp (deg shown in the measurement window). But, if you type a value in millimeters (mm) for a lens, using the above mentioned procedure will show lens length in mm instead of field of view in degrees.

Once set in a mode (deg. or mm), the Zoom Tool remains in this mode until you change it again or close SketchUp.

The extreme values are 1° to 120° (telephoto to wide angle) and 10 mm to 2063 mm (wide angle to telephoto).

Just ideas.