Why sketchup material which vray sees does not appear in render?

hello i try to render the floor which is terazzo. unfortunatelly any floor material i used in sketchup and is seen in vray wants to pop up in render…what settings should i try?

Looks perfectly normal. It’s just grainy because it hasn’t done enough passes to smooth it out. The reflective surface and shadows mean there are a lot of rays to trace. Lots of work to do before it gets nicer.

Your screenshot indicates Mac. Always remember that on most Macs (without Nvidia graphics) V-Ray does all rendering using the CPU, which is much slower than GPU-accelerated rendering. Be patient and it will gradually improve.

Hi its not the matter with long rendering. Its something wrong about settings. you can see some blur and artifacts like stains…any idea?

It looks to me like it could be a ‘Z-Fighting’ issue. Do you have a plane under your terrazzo floor group? See example where I have two planes overlapping and what it looks like in V-Ray below.