Why no SketchyPhysics for sketchup 2016

I really want to know why there is not an SketchyPhysics for sketchup 2016

FYI, you should have posted in the extension forum…

Developing plugins consume a lot of time. SP used the Newton Physic engine, which is in the public domain, so someone using that engine cannot be financially compensated. So it got to a point that the original developer of SP had enough and stopped working on it. Some other people have voluntarily updated SP. And someone has produced another, similar plugin. Go over to SketchUcation download.

I really want to know why people who want to use that plugin rarely contributed their time to help develop that open-source plugin project.


For the record, this alternative is MSPhysics

GitHub repository here (MIT license): https://github.com/AntonSynytsia/MSPhysics

I think that’s a general issue with the SketchUp extension community - not too many collaborations despite a large number of free projects and people helping each other on the forums. I’m trying to figure out what it would take to encourage people to get more actively engaged in using GitHub/BitBucket and avoid reinventing the wheel all the time.

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Chris did try to encourage collaboration with SketchyPhysics over at https://code.google.com/archive/p/sketchyphysics/. But one can see https://code.google.com/archive/p/sketchyphysics/source/default/commits?page=1 who did all the work.

The Ruby part was always available, but Chris never did share the source for building the binaries. That is what is needed for making the 64 bit port.


I’m not surprised he held onto something. He started the Google code site and wiki way before the forum was added to SketchUcation. He was hoping for collaboration, but that fell flat.

Both SketchyPhysics 3.7.1 and MSPhysics work in SU16 (SP only with 32-bit, MSP with 32- and 64-bit SU).

where can I find it?

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thomthom provided a direct link above for MSPhysics. And search SketchUcation.

I have Sketchup 2014 and install MSPhysics, but I do not know use it.
¿Why it does not work the plugin sketchyphysics?
Thanks for your answers.

SketchyPhysics does work with 32-bit SketchUp see Cotty’s message above.