Why is text not showing up?

My texts disappeared from my model. I have to go back to an earlier version of the model to see text callouts I had typed, but even when I copied them back into the current version they failed to show up. I have a separate layer for some of them - Sea Level Texts - but even with that turned on they fail to show in the current model. Also, I can’t seem to label anything new with text either. The arrow doesn’t stick and the text disappears as soon as I finish entering it into the box.
I there some sort of setting to globally turn text on/off?

Hard to tell why without the model itself.
Share it if you can, please.

Sorry, it is way too big - 170MB - to upload to the forum. However, I think we may have found the reason anyway.

I’ve been working with Scott on this model, and had used the plugin ToggleTextAndDimensions. I’d left text display turned off, and apparently this gets saved in the model (by scene, I think). So when I saved, and he started working on it, the text wasn’t visible.

He didn’t know I had the extension, and I didn’t know the setting was saved in the model - I’d sort of assumed it was a system wide setting for SU.

Edit/Unhide all didn’t bring it back, so I don’t know quite how ToggleTextAndDimensions makes the text disappear. It’s useful though, to be able to turn text and/or dimensions on or off, regardless of the layer they are on.

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