Why is layout so slow


I am having lots of issues with layout 2018. It takes a lifetime to update models and spends most of the time with a not responding message. Why is it so slow?


Hi There has been a lengthy discussion on this in a post in this forum you could look up “Layout 2018 - not up to par with other drafting software” I know Dave says he has no problem with layout but a look at Daves nice work shows that he’s putting out pretty simple small one off items like a table , light, fitting, bed, so not surprising that layout works for him. The thread pointed to above also has many people drawing small simpler things that have no problem in layout. But there are many in that tread having problems where they are trying to output architectural projects which have a lot more detail and complexity. These appear to be near fatal when using anything other than raster rendering, Hybrid rendering really cripples layout when theres any complexity there I find.You might find that thread has covered a lot of what you are looking for.


Fair enough, maybe your flicker project link doesn’t reflect the complexity you might also draw in layout. It does seem hard to have anyone describe in these threads what sort of model complexity, and output complexity they are dealing with, so its pretty hard to compare apples with apples, or to accept that because someone says Layout works for them that that means theres no problem with layout. Many is posts (including mine ) are reporting unworkable problems with layout even though using late model high spec machines. So to some extent it maybe that those who have no problem with Layout maybe dealing with simpler models, or using raster rendering only, maybe not using hybrid or vector rendering, or using only A3 not A1 pages, or using 1 image per page not multiple and stacked. There are many aspects of complexity that appear to affect how layout performs for them. For anyone wanting to output architectural construction documentation, large format pages, with many views per page, in hybrid or vector mode, the other post I pointed to might have relevant posts worth a look and it appears widespread that those sort of requirements are not being met by layout.


Not a matter of being not welcome, no one said that. Would be interested to see the types of construction documents you are out putting without problems. That would help understand what people are and are not having problems with.


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