Why is it slow when I work with SketchUp for a long time?

Why is it slow after working with SketchUp for a long time? Quitting and restarting the program will speed it up again, but will slow it down again after working for a long time. Is it because all the work is stored in memory?

cpu: ryzen 3950x
ram: samsung 3200 32g
video : rtx 2070 super
hdd: m.2 512g

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do you sometimes purge your model ?
bringing lots of components from 3D warehouse, for example, without purging time to time will increase file size, along with time to autosave

I purge and clean the model with cleanup3, and I don’t use the 3d warehouse model, but I often use the profile builder and curic drawing tools. Maybe it’s because I made the model in detail, so I have to turn the program off and on frequently for it to work smoothly.

What is the size of the model? Found in model info > statistics. Edges faces etc…

“Stored in memory”? Are you storing it in your operating drive? If so, check how full it is, then end that practice.

Are you using extensions? A badly designed extension might cause a memory leak-like situation.

I use SketchUp 2018, and I find that SketchUp slows down somewhat after a long session (dozens of hours) during which geometry changes are occurring (additions, deletions, copy and paste, etc.). Memory usage also grows more than would normally be expected for a given increase in edge and face count. I attribute both effects to general memory growth, fragmentation, and churn within the SketchUp process address space. This is largely inevitable in a program that is managing a complex dynamic set of data.

Slowing down would be exacerbated by having profile edges selected. Check that you do not have that selected when editing your model.

Of course, profile settings are unchecked and used.

1TB hard disk in use and 750GB left. The basics don’t seem to be the problem.


Have you checked what your GPU temp is before and after the slow down?

It seems really strange that it would slow down over time if you are modeling without profile edges or shadows on. I often do 8 hour sessions and longer without any change in speed from the software.