Why is download to stl including the scale figure?

I imported a .stl file into sketchup web. Made a few changes and was then forced to save it before downloading it.

Then downloaded it to a different stl file. When I open it in a slicer, a message displays that
the object is very big. Don’t have the exact message. The file is imported into the slicer.
When I view the object in the slicer, it isn’t my object.
Instead it is the scale figure from sketchup. When I saw it, made me laugh.
Have no idea how that could happen. How do I download the object I changed instead of the scale figure?

Also, is there an education/documentation on how to use sketchup for 3d printer compatible files?

Finally, It doesn’t make sense for 3d printer models to have a scale based on human height.
Is there a way to change that?

Did you delete the scale figure from the model before exporting the .stl? If not, you need to do that first.

Thanks DaveR. This is made me laugh. I never thought of deleting that object. Didn’t realize it was part of the model by default. One step at a time.

It’s put in the template to give users a reference for dimensions. Without it new users frequently ignore the dimensions of their models. Experienced users often remove the scale figure permanently or at least delete it and purge unused components and materials to clean up their file.