Why has Sketchup corrupted this file and none of the others?

At around 1100 hrs today (UK time, May 30th) Sketchup spontaneously decided not to accept dimensions entered on my keyboard (either as line lengths of circle radii) after three attempts it appeared to throw a wobbly and effectively destroyed a week’s worth of work in an instant.

I have checked the batteries in my keyboard and re-started the program several times, still these numerically defined measurements fail to work, yet other commands are accepted. If I open other models the program behaves as normal, so this must be a bug indigenous to this one file (attached) alone, but why?

Very worrying, as I’m currently loathe to trust the program until and if somebody can tell me what’s going on.

Here’s the corrupted file, New Elvis Syrupsyrup.skp|attachment](upload://n7yO71TPOyNDTbwcWjaphHFrGJ5.skp) (211.3 KB)

New Elvis syrup.skp (211.3 KB)

I don’t see any problems with this file. I can move entities and create new entities with measurements and dimensions as normal.

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Apologies, that was the replacement which, as you state, is (currently at least) behaving normally. I’ve just tried creating a circle from dimensions and it is resolutely screwed for some reason.

What really concerns me is the way in which everything suddenly went completely t*ts up with no ‘precipitating input’ from myself. Granted, my computer incompetence is the stuff of legend, but on this occasion I did nowt.

Did the system just have a ‘funny five minutes’ back at base? And if so, can I expect this to happen again?

Operating system is Windows 10, S/U is (evidently) the free online one.
happene sponit was the Elvis Syrup!.skp (492.9 KB)

Here’s the affected file:
Elvis Syrup!.skp (492.9 KB)

It’s huge.

Yes, I see what you mean, and I’ve just been ‘in’ and managed to create a circle as per normal method.

What still concerns me is HOW this happened earlier today. I was on the face of the model and trying too draw a circle when the thing went haywire and the whole lot disappeared. I sturggle with Sketchup at the best of times, but I’ve never known it do anything like this before. i can only guess it’s part of the risk of using the online version?