Why has one exterior wall turned blue?

One of the exterior walls in my model has turned blue. All of the exterior walls had previously been white. I don’t know what I did to affect that or how to undo it. Reversing the face turns the wall white and the opposite wall blue.

March 26.skp (206.1 KB)

There is no face on the outside surface of the wall; you are looking at the back side of the inside surface. Most likely the edges of the outside are not coplanar, so a face couldn’t form there.

Some time spent at The Learning Center learning the basics would be well spent. AlsoThe SketchUp You Tube Channel is full of good tips. Pay attention to the Square one series.

Ok, that makes sense. Do you know how I can fix that?

Thank you. I just began using SketchUp a week or so ago. I’ve been referencing The Learning Center and videos quite a bit and will continue to do so.

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Actually, the problem turns out to be bad use of tags/layers. That face uses the First Floor Interior Doors tag, which is set to non-visible. You should leave ‘untagged’ active at all times and assign tags only to groups, components, or non-geometry such as dimensions, text labels, and images. Otherwise confusing issues such as this can occur, as tags do not isolate geometry from other geometry!

Your profile says you are using the free web version, so you will have to do some work to find and correct the bad tag usage. Try toggling visibility of tags on and off to see what disappears, and then investigate the tags used by edges and faces that come and go to find the culprits. In the desktop version, there are various extensions that can find and correct bad tag usage, but the web version can’t run extensions.

Edit: the issue is compounded by the fact that the offending face is in a group that uses a different tag. That makes it possible for the face to vanish while the rest of the group is visible, but not for the face to stay visible while the group is hidden.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I didn’t intend to tag anything other than groups or components and definitely didn’t mean to tag that face ‘First Floor Interior Doors’. I fixed the issue by exploding both groups and creating 2 new groups that are not nested.

A “feature “ of SketchUp to beware: if you explode a group or component, it will assign the group’s tag to all of its former contents, including edges and faces. This is one way that tags can sneak onto them without your intent.

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