Why does the spinning beach ball appear so much and it take so long to switch between layout sheets?


Why does the spinning beach ball appear so much and it take so long to switch between layout sheets?

Any advice?

This is costing me money!

I need a more efficient approach so I can get more done…


What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile.

With nothing to go on, it’s only possible to guess. There are a number of things that can cause delays such as you describe. If you have viewport rendering set to Hybrid or Vector, rendering can take longer than if rendering is set to Raster. If you have many textures in your model, especially large ones, you might see a delay in rendering. If you are modifying scenes in LayOut,you might see increased render times. Frequent changes to the SketchUp model and frequent reference updates might be an issue. Shadow display might also be a cause. Display render quality set to High will most certainly cause delay. Incorrect SKP file insertion resulting in multiple SKP references for the same file will cause delays. Bloated SketchUp files can cause delays, too.

More efficient approach: Leave viewports set to render in Raster mode until you are ready to make exports. While you are working on the project in LayOut, set the style in SketchUp to a fast style. No textures, no shadows displayed, no sketchy edges. Change the style to show textures, shadows, sketchy edges, etc and update references just before export.

Make sure you are creating multiple viewports correctly. After creating the first one in LO, copy it to make the others. Don’t insert the SketchUp file multiple times. Make sure you are creating scenes in SketchUp for the viewoprts you’ll need in LayOut. Make sure you aren’t doing anything to make the scenes show as modified in LayOut.

If you need to make changes to the SketchUp file but the changes won’t affect all scenes, turn off Auto Render and manually render only those scenes that need to be updated. When you’ve got the project ready to export, go through and do a last render on all scenes.

Purge unused stuff from the SketchUp model to eliminate file bloat. Make sure you’ve got efficient components in your SketchUp model. Overly detailed components such as many of the kitchen appliances and household furniture components are frequently way over detailed. They bring huge liabilities without any real benefits. Clean them up before you use them.

I’m sure there’s more but without seeing your LayOut file, it’s hard to say.