Why does my drawing appear so small?

I’m trying to draw a 2D Window with some basic dimensions that’s 24 3/4 inches high and 17 inches wide.

I’ve stared a drawing like this:
Sketchup → Templates → Plan View (Inches)
View → Face Style → Wireframe
Camera → Parallel Projection
Line → 23.75"

Problem is, after I’ve drawn the line, I end up with a line that’s barely visible. If I “Zoom Extents”, things get clearer. But is this the right way to do it, or am I missing something?

Way back in 1997 when I had a chance to play around with AutoCAD, I remember using commands like limits, scale etc. Does Sketchup have something like these?


Sketchup is non scaled 3d environment, zoom in or out as appropriate to the size of your model.
Parallel projection is usually reserved for a specific 2d view in the normally 3d environment.

The default view in the PlanView templates views the modelling space from a point quite far away from the origin. Zooming in is what you generally want to do if you are not working with a whole city block.

So, draw and zoom in till it’s clear. That’s the only way there is. Right?

Or you can select what you drew > right click > Zoom Selection


Ok. Cool. Thanks for helping.

You could also zoom in on your chosen template and then save as template. Make sure you select it as your standard template…

Zoom in and save a scene.