Why does layout take so much time to perform an operation

Can any one advice me on how to reduce or eliminate the amount of time Layout takes to perform any task associated with getting information from the Sketchup Model? For instance, it takes several minutes to copy a viewport with a model in it. The model is not that complex. I’m wondering if having multiple layout files open may cause performance issues. Lots of other issues too - for instance if I copy a viewport, then assign a different scene, the viewport keeps displaying the original scene (even though the scene is clearly identified in the Viewport settings). Any advice would be appreciated. I’m on Layout version 23.0.419 64-bit, Windows 11 i7-1365U, 32 GB RAM.

There are a number of possiblities. Share your LO file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

You ought to update to the current version of SketchUp. Please also update your forum profile with this information.

Well, how complex is it (not) then? What do you see in the Model Info>Statistics window when the “Show nested components” box is ticked? Are you storing the model in the cloud?

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