Why can't i upload a large file to Free Editor. I just want to change some furniture in a file someone gave me

I have a sketchup file that when I try to edit with the free editor i get a file size error.

How can i upload and manipulate a larger sketchup file?

Are you able to post an example file somewhere for us to try? My guess is that you may have trees or other innocent looking objects, that are taking most of the space in the file.

There are a few trees.

It’s a plan for a house.

Is it not possible to use the free editor with larger files?

Trees was an example. Either it is quite a complicated model, or something is taking up more geometry than it needs too.

The upload file limit is 100 MB, though I found I could insert a 210 MB file. When I tried to save it didn’t go too well.

I’m not sure what he limitation is for, maybe they can’t use more than that amount of browser memory?

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