Why are all Collada models with edges in 3D Warehouse?

3D models at Collada format seem to have been all available with their edges in 3D Warehouse for a while.
Does anybody know why this export option was added, and… if there’s a chance that it can be disabled?
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Whether profiles or edges show depends on your View/Edge Style settings.

It is indeed annoying that all edges of an imported Collada model from 3DWH become visible. It maybe a limitation of the format or for compatibility reasons (with other software that wants to read Collada).

As a workaround, you can double-click to enter the component(s) and select all faces and select Window → Soften Edges and move the slider until you get most edges hidden that should be hidden. Not a perfect restoration of the original model, but at least better than a raw import.

I think you’re interpreting the question as meaning that a previously smoothed curved face is coming in not smoothed. I was doing tests with Blender recently, and using Collada without triangulating all faces leads to various issues. All of the models in the 3D Warehouse were recently re-rendered, to include 2020 format, and as part of that the Collada files may have been made more compatible.

I’ve used export as Collada, import, as a fast way to unsmooth all faces. It’s handy when trying to find out why a smooth looking object is not a solid. When it’s back as unsmoothed faces it’s easier to see issues.

The question is indeed why Trimble decided to generate Collada files of 3D Warehouse with the Export edges option selected. I know how to remove or hide these edges afterwards (their material name starts with “edge”) but would have preferred no edges at all like before.

I think I see what you mean. Each face is surrounded by its own edges, and so adjacent faces both have an edge, making it look extra thick. Selecting the edge between the two faces gives you two entities.

I’m not sure how the models are created, it may not involve SketchUp at all, but however it’s done could have the same export edges option that could be turned off.


I may have posted my comment at the wrong place. Does anybody know where to report issues at 3D Warehouse?

I’m not sure, but I tagged the head of the 3D Warehouse, he will drop by at some point and read what you’ve reported.

Thanks! Hope they will answer…
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Did you try @Aerilius’ suggestion.