Why am I moving faces instead of the whole object?

Hi there.
I just imported a model. I need to move it. But I can only either do “select all” (faces, I guess). Or do a single click to select only one face. Then move either one. Is this how it is supposed to be done?

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the object should be a component or group, you may have opened or exploded it, use the upload icon, 7th on the menu to share the file, or the web page then we can check

Move tool moves whatever is selected, or tries to select a single entity, e.g. a face or group, if the selection is empty. If you select a face move tool will just move that face (and components glued to it if there are any). To move the whole object you first have to select it all, e.g. by tripple clicking it with select tool. As pcmoor says it’s usually a good idea to make each object, whether it’s a wall or chair or flying saucer, a group or component to easily move it around without having it stick to other entities.

I understand.
The grouping part, is it done in SketckUp, or in the 3D modeling program where the model comes from? Or either one?

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If the model is completely empty when you import something you’ll get the exact content of the file you imported. If there is anything in the model when yo import, e.g. the default scale figure, the content of the imported file will be wrapped in a component.

Hi eneroth3,

Thank you for sharing, I appreciate your time too.

However, I’m still not clear on how “exactly” get this “grouping” action
You said in an earlier message:
" … .As pcmoor says it’s usually a good idea to make each object, a
group or component to easily move it around

But so far no one has mentioned how exactly to make each object a group.
You said on your previous message:
" …the content of the imported file will be wrapped in a component."
This seems to say that I don’t need to do anything additional, that just by
importing it in, SketchUp will do the rest (wrap it in a component.).

Not that I need “step-by-step” instructions. But if I could be told that I
can do this “grouping” in the 3D program I’m using to export the model,
that already would be great. Otherwise I suppose this grouping action will
be done in SketchUp. If so, how exactly to do it? Especially, how to get
out of that mode where everything I select is just faces? Or maybe that’s
not the way it’s done at all, maybe I need to select all the faces
belonging to a piece, group them. And continue until there’s only a set of

Thank you again in advance for your reply :slight_smile:


It would help if you uploaded your model here, someone could give you advice custom to your situation.

This may explain all about groups/components.

Thanks for your reply Thorleyian,

I will comply with your suggestion of uploading the model for inspection.
However, not before 10pm tonight, as I am at work now :frowning:
Thanks for the SketchUp tutorial video. I’ll check it up asap.


Well, after seeing the Beginners tutorial video about groups and components that really hit the nail for me. That’s exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you so much everyone! :slight_smile:


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