Why all the bugs?


Why can’t Google make anything that isn’t loaded with bugs?

All I want to do is push/pull, yet at least half the time the mouse click isn’t recorded, and I end up pulling the surface I’m trying to match to. REALLY annoying when I have hundreds of surfaces to do. (Sure help if you could do them all at once, but Google doesn’t know a thing about ‘user friendly’)

Also, Why can’t the zoom be consistent, and add a key press to accelerate it. I hate ending up miles from my model just because I inadvertently clicked empty space instead. Also, when I’m trapped inside a section, it’d be nice to scroll out of it in one or two strokes, instead of 1000. Google…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hire a human interface consultant.

Instead of a 5 minute operation, I had to abandon it and start from scratch, which still took hours. Thanks for nothing.


Hiya @bkalley,

It sounds like you may just be bumping into some usage functionality you’re not expecting. Also note that we are no longer part of Google, but irrespective of that Google association it has been the same team creating all of this functionality for the last 15 years both prior to, during and after leaving Google.

Specific to your frustrations; it sounds like you may be clicking a face before you start using the Push/Pull tool so that SketchUp is trying to use that selected face for the operation rather than the face you’re mousing over. This isn’t a bug, it is designed and intended functionality with specific use cases.

For zooming, SketchUp zooms relative to the placement of your cursor. If your cursor is over geometry, it will zoom slower so that you don’t “over-shoot” what you’re zooming into. This will get even slower the closer you get to a face, the intent is to be sure you’re not zooming through faces. When the cursor is over white space then zoom will be very rapid and you may end up past what you’re looking at.

For zooming out, if you’re inside of a structure or have geometry behind you it’ll be very slow for the same reasons mentioned above. If you wish to get outside of the structure then it’s good to use the Zoom to Extents option which will take you outside of the structure to show exactly everything in the model.

Again, both functions are very intentional and as you become more used to the software you will likely come to appreciate them. I know it’s easy to get frustrated when something doesn’t work the way you’re expecting so hopefully having this new perspective will help you get up to speed as you continue learning the ins and outs of SketchUp.


… and can be changed in the preferences.

… or the previous camera view button.


Except that’s not what I’m doing. I am in the pushpull tool, click a surface, pull to an adjacent surface, then click the next and do that same, except sketchup decides it wants to do something different. It does this even when I slow down and click meticulously, not just when I try to hover. It’s a buggy app, plain and simple.

As far as zooming, the way it’s designed is annoying, It should always be the same speed, regardless, and have a key press to double the rate for quick zooms. I hate getting stuck in a wall because the zoom speed suddenly slows way down and i have to spin the mouse wheel for an hour to get out.


I hate manual cars, have to always shift gears, so stupid, it should just be automatic…
There’s a reason for the zoom, it’s a quick way to navigate without extra keystrokes. Whether the model is a city block or just a little chair, you can zoom around around at the same rate proportionally with just a simple scroll. Having to choose the speed means you’ll have to constantly be changing your zoom speed for large distances and small. People would then complain when they forget to change zoom speed and blow by their model when zooming. Once you learn the function, you’ll find it better, just like a manual car has its advantages.

As the for push/pull, it sounds like a bug only you’re experiencing, I haven’t be able to recreate it, perhaps you can provide more details so we can figure out why, like a screen video or maybe its a computer issue, specs?


One way: use the plugin JPP (joint push pull, Fredo6)

Never noticed such a behaviour, maybe there’s something wrong with your mouse key?


Regarding Zoom - SU is 3D modeling. A cursor over some spot without a spatial reference could mean any point along a vector from here to infinity and beyond.

Create at least one Scene with saved camera position to let you quickly return to a known position.

Set Previous camera position (Camera > Previous) as a keyboard shortcut from your preference menu, Window > Preferences > Shortcuts. It’s useful.

The Push Pull problem could be indicative of a OpenGL deficiency. Test it. Go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable hardware acceleration. Restart SU. Does the problem go away? If so, try updating your graphics driver.


I have a similar problem to your push-pull issue. In my case, it most often comes from using an overly sensitive Magic Mousepad— when my finger gets too close (that being subjective to the Magic Mouse’s “moods”) an object gets selected, like it or not. I’ve noticed the same thing with my Magic Mouse on the trackpad-enabled surface.

Not sure what else to do, so I write it off to the joys of technology.