Which Graphics Card to Buy in 2022

What Graphics Card and Criteria is everyone liking?
I know we need an Open GL but besides that do I need 4GB or 8GB

Are you going to use it for rendering? Also please update the OS in your profile, there is no 2020 OS. Windows plus the version or Mac plus the version.

I will not use it for rendering, only modeling. I create a model to design homes and details and send elevations, sections and details to Layout.

You can “get by” with 4GB. 8GB is the ideal minimum to have. 8GB works OK for rendering but more is better. More info on the specs is on this page.

graphics cards are expensive these days (because of mining BS).

For Windows a nVidia Geforce series only, e.g. a RTX 1650 or RTX 1660 as an entry level card which could be swapped later on (when prices are decreasing) to something faster if required anyhow.

4 GB V-RAM is the the lower limit but depends on your screen resolution too, i.e. if a 4K monitor maybe in a multi monitor setup or for a rendering/raytracing w/ lots of high-res textures more V-RAM might be needed.