Where to start when modeling threads?


I have a project that requires me to model a thread pattern for a Nalgene narrow spout water bottle. My goal is to 3d print an adapter to go from the Nalgene threading to a standard (US) 2L soda bottle thread. The adapter would screw onto the Nalgene (female) and have a threading on top for a soda bottle cap (male). Where would a beginner start when modeling threads?


I would start by finding out what the dimensions of the threads are. Pitch, thread profile, etc. Then get to modeling. When I model screw threads I work with model units set to meters. I enter millimeter or inch dimensions directly. So I’m modeling a 6mm screw as if it is 6 meters.

I’ve already posted something on how I model threads which you can find in a search (I’ll see if I can hunt it up) and you can follow the same basic process.

Find out how the slicer gets the dimensions for the imported .stl file. Many of them will allow you to set the import units. If yours will, you can leave your model large and set the export units as meters (or Model Units) and just import as millimeters or inches as appropriate.

Thanks for the information Dave! I will search up that post but if you find it please post it here.

Thanks again.

Here’s where the video tutorial is linked: