Need help making generic bottle threads for attaching universal bottle pumps

Hey there, I’m doing my first model and I’ve already got the dimensions of the bottle PLUS the bottle model finished up to the point of threads. Im just recreating a shampoo bottle i have at home with some minor twists. i did the math and already have it down to the FL OZ.

BUT I’m having trouble figuring out the threads. i have tried to make a circle, cut that in half, elevate one side and then follow me then smooth out the edges. but that didn’t work very well.

Anyways i hope this was descriptive enough to warrant a decent answer!

thank you for your time in advance!

-Brad Hill

Here is a compendium of screw thread form modeling guidelines and tutorials. If you need more help applying these techniques to your bottle top, post a followup.

Helical forms - spirals, screw threads and more


There’s a tutorial at on making screw threads for 3d-printing etc: link
There are several threads about this kind of thing - search: link
E.G. Screw Thread Plugins…

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Thank you for the reply! I’ve seen this plugin before but i can’t actually download it. Do you guys know if it is MAC compatible?

Why can’t you download it ?
You just get the RB file from here and put it into your Plugins folder ?
Download the v1.5 RB file from this post…
It should be MAC [and latest version] compatible as I can’t see it does anything system specific…
You can but try it…

Most newer scripts come inside RBZ archives and are ‘installed’ but you can use the SketchUcation tools submenu item to open the Plugins folder for you…