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Hello all,

 I am trying to find a repeatable method of producing printable threads.  I have been trying to use the helix/thread profile/ upright extrude method, and I keep running into problems.  Everytime I extrude the profile around the helix, the bottom face of the thread does not become complete.  The overall shape of teh frame is correct, but I don't get a face there.  I've tried running solid inspector to no avail.  I can't figure out what is causing this, especially considering I have followed multiple tutorials of this process to a tee.  Any thoughts?

Please don’t start a new thread. I showed a repeatable method in the other thread you replied in.

It’s not repeatable if I can’t duplicate it. I’m not saying the issue is with your method, I am asking for suggestions as to why my installation is behaving erratically. I posted a “new” thread because my quesiton is pertaining to the repeatabilty aspect of the process, not the process itself. So, any suggestions are welcome, but if you don’t have anything relevant to add, please disregard and move on.

You really know how to get volunteers to want to help you.


I don’t understand this comment. The first response was not offering any advise, suggestion, or assistance. For those of us trying to self teach (in any discipline), using these type of forums is a last resort because the folks that actually have the answers are usually trolling a$$es. I asked a basic question, and immediatley I am recieving a message basically saying how dare I question the methods already presented. If you read the response he is referring to, you’ll find that I have been trying to figure this out since October. You’ll also see that every answer the original responder posted was condescending and really just showcasing his own models.

No, I read his reply to you over there, which he has since deleted due to you having simply ignored it, and it was very helpful. If you had responded with a model or more questions your issue would have been solved back in October.

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