Threads for a garden hose


I’m a hobbyist and I started using SketchUp to start modeling some designs I have that I want to build. I have the basics down and have been able to create simple designs and print them out to my 3D printer. I’m trying to create the threading for a tube that I can connect to a common garden hose (both male and female). I found some tutorials, but WAY out of my abilities. Does anyone know of an existing model I can use? Ideally, it would be a single piece of tubing with male on one end and female on the other. Any suggestions?


Check out some of these resources:

Helical forms - spirals, screw threads and more

If in doubt - search the forum first.

By doing a quick search on 3D Warehouse - I found a few models here.


You might try this model … it uses US standard garden hose threads and is suitable for 3D printing:

The MakerBot slicer seems to be happy with it:

[edit] After playing around with the orientation in MakerBot, it seems to have some difficulty with the way each planar thread “end” co-exists with the next planar thread “beginning” (i.e., two faces fighting each other). I recreated the threads as single ploygon mesh surfaces and the issue went away. The newer version can be found here:

BTW, the Shapeways print site had no problem with the original version:


Looks exactly what I am looking for. Where can I download?


Never mind, I found it! Thanks again.