Where is Sketchup Pro 2024?

very low improvements

don’t see the difference

64 bit ok. Rotated Rectangle : very bad tool. Rotated Rectangle, 3 Point Arc existed as ruby script

very very minor things

Extension Manager is a minor improvement. Graphics improvements is nice, except it has produced bugs and performance issues for several years

Everything were small improvement, except Filled section cuts. Dashed lines were only attribute improvement, any graphic API provide dashed lines. Layout started to work, because of quality display reduced by option. Some previews had been eliminated when you move something… very modern.

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Interesting Level Up YT video just dropped “Help Eric Draw His 2024 Figure” Clue? Stealth Announcement?..…

As far as I know, version 24 of the sketchup software is already circulating on the web.

It’s like the major “improvements” are

  • made Sketchup Subscription ONLY
  • removed ability to access online resources from free desktop version

It’s still the same strange folder / toolbar GUI, where it’s totally impossible to figure out which folder you are in.

I gave up purchasing SU, after having a trial of generous 7 (!!) days.

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Yep v2 was was the apex (before FollowMe as Easter egg)

You’d better use Revit, they have released 2025 today… I’m sure they will have the improvements you need but let us to enjoy with SketchUp.

Enjoy the silence


relax it’s coming soon, just so you understand they are in the last adjustments, my prediction is that next week you should see the announcement to upgrade in your Sketchup pro programs

I used the add location from SU Labs earlier today (love it) and now its been taken down with the message that it has been added to SU 2024 so rolling out 2024 would work for me tomorrow LOL.

Looks like it was released yesterday?

Can also download 2024 from the download page:

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Here it is! I am excited!!!

New Graphics Engine – SketchUp graphics engine got an upgrade! This new graphics engine takes advantage of emerging hardware and software technologies, providing notable improvements in file navigation and responsiveness.


I like the new ambient occlusion:
2024-04-04 - 12-06-50 - SketchUp


We’re kicking the tires… some more official communication will start once we have completed some testing.


It would be nice to see the release notes, so we can at least preview without downloading them. Access denied when trying the link.

Are shortcuts finally fixed?
No mention in release notes…

Release notes are on the download page accessible via myaccount.trimble.com :

Download All | SketchUp | SketchUp

It’s great.
It’s noticeably faster and smoother and the new ambient occlusion look is a lovely addition to the style options.