Where is Sketchup Pro 2024?

That’s quite interesting and after I looked at their annual report, which seems that the companies focus is on expanding products and creating subscriptions to charge more I don’t see any real effort to upgrade the performance of layout. There’s no documentation or admission that there needs to be an effort to do it. Compare that with Adobe and all of the complaints about indesign a few years ago when the rendering engine was slow. Also, compare that with what Graphisoft reacted when users complained how slow archicad was. Both companies publicly took responsibility . They were going to improve things and they came through.


I get a crash when I have layout open and I open another file and then it asked to update both open files. If I say yes, it crashes the program. OS14.4

When was that? Archicad used to fly above the competition, over the last five years it has become hard work, it is bogged down with stuff that nobody wanted and has lost focus on productivity. I’ve given up paying for a negative ROI after 28 years of use.

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SketchUp was ported to run natively on Apple silicon in 2022. Runs great on my M1max. Perhaps there is something else going on with your install or with the model you are using?


I think it’s incumbent upon Trimble to demonstrate performance to users, and be more transparent about their development process

99% of the issues are created by the user, via poor workflow and habits, including overly detailed models.

That is just not correct.
SU23: The flip/mirror was a big thing. And Layout started working.
SU22: Standard Views respect Model Axes. That was important.
SU21: Tag folders was huge.
SU20: Decoupled hidden objects from hidden geometry. Important. Layout viewport overrides was important
SU19: Dashed lines was huge.
SU 18: Filled section cuts was huge, and the beginning of SU as a functional tool for CAD, no longer just for those nice perspectives, whereas the actual project was made in some other software.

I can’t think of any one thing that got better under google. So I would say that they are speeding up, and not slowing down.

There is a lot of effort wasted on strange pet projects like Live Components, AI rendering and other things. And still a long way to go before Layout is super, and before we have good workflow routines for imports/exports and collaboration tools.

But we are certainly moving faster than before, and mostly in the right direction.

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With all due respect, and as a daily professional sketchup user, all of these updates I would consider minor to incredibly minor overall. While they do add a little extra, my experience with this software and how I use it is relatively the same as it was a decade ago as far as functionality.


Well I dont understand this. A decade ago I would not consider Sketchup at all as my main CAD tool. I used it for 3D illustrations, and early stage volume studies.

Why not? Was it the flip tool, or was it the dashed lines that made that possible? Perhaps it was fixing the bugs with hidden geometry you mentioned that pushed you over the edge? Personally I didn’t even know that existed.

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it was the dashed lines :slight_smile: and the filled section cuts. I saw I could present to my self ( and onviewers), directly in the SU scene, a credible floor plan that looked like a floor plan, with the building grid present in the scene. I know some people make that in Layout, but the building grid to me is integral to all modelling and not some illustrative overlay in Layout.

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Your “HuGe” list is sarcasm, right?

There is an important improvement that we are not seeing and it is the change of the graphical interface (and I am not referring to the change of the icons). Although we do not see it as an improvement, it is a step forward in the development that will allow us to have a modern software with the possibility of improvements.
Not everything is bad…

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its not, I assure you. Just the one thing about Standard views respecting scene axis’s changed my workflow. Now I can effectively use the override options in Layout for “Left, right, Front, Back, Top” to produce different viewports from the same scene, although that scene has a axis definition different from the model´s original axis. Fewer scenes in sketchup, and a cleaner workspace.

Probably not a lot of code were made to achieve this I admit, but to me it shows that they have a direction focused on keeping modeling simplicity, while refining how efficient one can use the software.

I´m not sure what improvements you are looking for. You still will have to model your project manually with no automatic architecture button.

I still as many others really dislike the lack of improvements for import/export, linking and updating collaboration files. I dont like the drawing tools in Layout, as many others.

But to me, I can now credibly make a project in Sketchup alone, much better than how I worked in the past in other software, whereas a decade ago SU was just a nice-to-have tool on the side.

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That left me wondering what improvements were in 2013 - 2017…

SU 2013 - Extension Warehouse and Windows Toolbar improvements.
SU 2014 - tons of bug fixes.
SU 2015 - 64 bit applications on Mac and Windows. Rotated Rectangle, 3 Point Arc.
SU 2016 - Trimble Connect and Generate Report 2.0. Lots of tools improvements.
SU 2017 - Extension Manager, graphics improvements.


SU 2024: :cricket::cricket:

I really hope this ages bad and SU 2024 is released a few hours after this comment.


I predict an imminent release of SketchUp 2024, it could be between tomorrow and the end of the year.


Why do I feel lucky that my SU 19 still handles a project with 118million polygons on my 32GB ram PC?

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hasn’t ANYONE seen this?

very low improvements

don’t see the difference

64 bit ok. Rotated Rectangle : very bad tool. Rotated Rectangle, 3 Point Arc existed as ruby script

very very minor things

Extension Manager is a minor improvement. Graphics improvements is nice, except it has produced bugs and performance issues for several years

Everything were small improvement, except Filled section cuts. Dashed lines were only attribute improvement, any graphic API provide dashed lines. Layout started to work, because of quality display reduced by option. Some previews had been eliminated when you move something… very modern.

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