Where is my extension?

I downloaded the extension, but can’t figure out how to install it.

What extension is it? Is it a RBZ file?

(from Extension Warehouse or elsewhere)?

If it’s off sketchUcation, or elsewhere, within SketchUp:
Window>Extension Manager>Install Extension
Browse to the RBZ file and choose it.

Thank you for your speedy reply.
I followed your instructions, but where is it in the SU menu?

Window > Extension manager > Install Extension > RBZ file

So, how do I use it/find it on the menu.

After, I installed it, it should be under “Extensions”, no?

You’ve asked on two forums and not given the important bit of information.
What Plugin is it?


It’s a context menu option, if I remember correctly.
Did you read the use case info when you downloaded it.

Edit, from the more info button.

Right click on component and/or group, or selected components and groups, and “Make All Unique”. This will make unique all selected components, and their nested components.

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It will heve only a context menu (right click with mouse on a group and you will get an “Make All Unique”)

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Sorry, it doesn’t appear when i right click.

Have you selected a copy of a component, so that it has something to make unique.

I’m not sure if I selected a copy of the component so that it has something to make unique.

Can I send you the file?


How do I send it to you?

Drag and drop it into a reply.

Ladders.skp (206.3 KB)
I have a pile of ladders and I want to make them have slightly different colors.

The problem you have with what you want to do is that using Make All Unique will make all the rungs unique as well.
Personally I would remove all the materials, then make each ladder unique then add materials to each.
If you are happy using a solid colour you can just paint the container, so one click per ladder to colour it.
If you want wood grain then you need to paint the rungs and stiles.

What it boils down to is I don’t think Make all unique is any use for the case.

Here’s a quick example of how to use the standard Make Unique to set the relevant multiples to match.
So you effectively make three things unique,
each ladder
2 stiles
6 rungs

Make unique


The other option is to remove the materials from the faces, then just paint each ladder, but only works well with solid colours, not good with textures.

Colour change