Where is isolate tool?



I used to work with Sketchup 2015 and loved the ISOLATE tool on my right mouse button.
Now I changed to 2017 and I can not find it any more.
Does somehow know where it is??

Best regards and thankx



I expect it was some extension you had installed. There’s never been a native command in the Context menu labeled “Isolate.”


Is there a easy posibility to isolate single objects and make the rest of the model disappear?


You can make other groups and components disappear quickly when you open one for editing. Go to Model Info>Components and tick the boxes to hide those entities.


Maybe you are thinking about the Skalp feature of isolating an object. It is probably something froma plugin since the phrase isolate isn’t used for any native feature.


There’s also an extension in the Extension Warehouse called Select n Isolate. Maybe that’s what you are thinking of.

From the description.


Already found that on too.
Thats the one I was looking for.
This extension has not been marked as being compatible with my version.
What do you think.
Should I try?


All extensions used to isolate modifies the model by assigning hidden layers or setting the hidden state of individual entities. This adds to the undo stack and may collide with other layer/visibility settings you have made. This is why I prefer Dave’s method which only changes how the model is viewed, not what it consists of.

You can also toggle these view options from View > Component Edit. I have assigned shortcuts for this myself as I constantly toggle it, even within tool operations.


Don’t worry. Select n Isolate works just fine in SU2017. I installed it and tried it out before posting about it.

Select n Isolate doesn’t add or modify layers. I was testing it in a model with only Layer 0. No changes were made in Layers.

I prefer using native options, too, though. View>Component Edit and a keyboard shortcut is a good choice.


its working.
MANY MANY THX to everybody.
Hava a nice day


If your SU version is too old it wont work, if it is too new it’s most likely that the developer just haven’t actively marked it as compatible. Usually only really advanced plugins (renderers and the like) stop being compatible when SU is updated. Simple plugins can in nearly all cases be used in newer SU versions.


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